View from the Ptarmigan Black Rocks Trail, Eagle River, AK How to have the best hiking experience on Blacktail Rocks Trail in Eagle River, Alaska

The top 5 things to see and do on Blacktail Rocks Trail in Eagle River, Alaska Blacktail Rocks Trail is the perfect place to hike if you want to see some beautiful scenery and get a great workout at the same time. The trail is located in Chugach State Park, just outside of Anchorage, and it offers hikers stunning views of the Chugach Mountains, Eagle River, and the valley below.

The trail is approximately 6.3-mile out-and-back and takes hikers through a variety of different terrain, including forests, meadows, and rocky areas. One of the best things about Blacktail Rocks Trail is that it's not too crowded. You'll likely have most of the trail to yourself so you can really take in all the beauty around you without having to worry about dodging other hikers along the way. And speaking of beauty- Blacktail Rocks Trail has some truly incredible views! Hikers will be able to see eagle nests (if they're lucky), waterfalls tumbling down from high above, glaciers in the's an absolutely breathtaking experience that shouldn't be missed. The workout factor on Blacktail Rocks Trail shouldn't be underestimated either- while it isn't an overly strenuous hike by any means, there are definitely some sections that are more challenging than others (especially if you're carrying a backpack full of gear). But even if you don't consider yourself an "outdoorsy" person or a "hiker", this trail is still worth checking out for its incredible views alone- trust us!